US Airways moves from Star Alliance to Oneworld on March 31

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As part of its merger with American Airlines, US Airways will be moving from Star Alliance to Oneworld.  Sunday, March 30 will be the last day US Airways will participate in Star Alliance.  Here are the real world impacts for you.

Earning Miles

Through Sunday, March 30 you can still fly on US Airways and post the miles to any Star Alliance partner.  You can also fly on Star Alliance partners and post the miles to your US Airways Dividend Miles account.  But starting on Monday, US will have a whole new set of partners in the Oneworld Alliance, including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and many others.

Redeeming Miles

If you want to use your US Airways Dividend Miles to book flights on Star Alliance airlines, do so before midnight on Sunday.  Likewise, if you have miles with other Star Alliance airlines (such as United) and want to use those to book US Airways flights, be sure to do so before the clock runs out tomorrow.  Tickets can be booked up to about 11 months in advance, so you don’t need to complete your flights before midnight tomorrow – you just need to book your tickets.


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