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I’m Ryan Lile, a frequent flyer program and general travel expert. It’s my job to help you save time and money when you travel, and to get you where you’re going in comfort and style without breaking the bank. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you!





-Are you getting the most benefits from your travel spending?
-Do you know the true value of frequent flyer programs? 
-Do you want to spend less money while flying more often in first class?


Travel Bootcamp was designed to train administrative and executive assistants – or anyone who books travel – how to maximize returns from travel spending. Travel and frequent flyer expert Ryan Lile shares his most valuable secrets and strategies, giving your staff powerful new tools to save your organization time and money.


Travel Bootcamp

Time-starved executives and professionals need expert-level support when it comes to travel management. Administrative and executive assistants have broad skill sets, but often lack the time to develop true expertise in any single subject. Does the person handling your travel know how to:

  • Look beyond Expedia and Kayak to find the best airfares, both in economy and business class?
  • Help you achieve and maintain elite status with airlines and hotels, and maximize the benefits that come with it?
  • Maximize loyalty programs by securing upgrades, lounge access and other benefits?
  • Optimize your credit card spending to fit into your overall travel strategy?
  • Redeem miles and points in the most valuable ways, securing you the best value and most comfortable trip?

The travel industry is very complex, and your travel planner needs the best available expertise in order to ensure your travels are smooth, comfortable and that you get the rewards you deserve.

The Frequent Flyer Academy’s Travel Bootcamp seminars are the perfect tool to equip your travel planners with money saving, best practice tactics and strategies in travel planning.

Travel Bootcamps run about eight hours, and can take place over one or two days, depending on your staffing needs. In order to keep costs down, Bootcamps take place at your worksite, and can accommodate up to 20 participants. Additionally, each Bootcamp comes with two hours of post-seminar support to allow for follow-up questions and consultation.

After receiving expert training at Travel Bootcamp, your staff will be equipped with the knowledge and tools of one of the top experts in the industry. Best of all, this valuable training pays for itself. If your organization is not able to use the valuable information and tools from Travel Bootcamp to save money or receive value greater than the seminar fee within one year, we will refund that fee to you in full.

Travel Bootcamp will teach your staff about all aspects of the travel industry, from airfares to loyalty programs to general travel issues. They will leave the training with in-depth knowledge about:


  • How to find the best fares, but also how airfares work – insights that will change the way your employees approach travel booking
  • The optimal window to purchase domestic and international tickets
  • Strategies to avoid change fees and excessive one-way airfares
  • How to find and secure the best seats on any given flight
  • Value-packed round-the-world tickets

Frequent Flyer Programs

  • How to earn and keep elite status and its many benefits
  • Differences between programs and choosing the right airline and program for you
  • Planning and executing a successful frequent flyer strategy
  • How to find award tickets and upgrades
  • Best and worst ways to use frequent flyer miles
  • All about rewards credit cards, including which ones to use (and which to avoid)
  • The art of upgrading: getting into business or first class without breaking the bank

Hassle-free Travel

  • How to use expedited airport security and immigration programs
  • Saving money on hotels in expensive/high-demand markets
  • Saving time by using rental car preferred programs
  • Travel disruptions and the most effective ways to handle them
  • Where to find the best exchange rates when traveling abroad
  • How to secure expedited visas for international travel

We encourage Travel Bootcamp participants to ask questions during the training, and also allocate time and the end of the seminar to cover any remaining questions. Additionally, a pre-Bootcamp consultation call identifies the most relevant and important areas for each client’s unique needs, and we customize the presentation to ensure that each training is relevant to your needs.

Get in touch with Ryan now to learn more about how Travel Bootcamp can help you. There’s no obligation whatsoever.

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About Ryan

Ryan has been a travel expert for more than ten years. It all started when he lost a job and realized the 9-5 life wasn’t for him. His journeys have taken him to all six inhabited continents, including living in Europe and the Middle East, backpacking across five continents, and traveling to some of the most difficult countries for Americans to visit, including North Korea (twice).

Having traveled extensively throughout the United States and to more than 60 other countries, Ryan has built a formidable knowledge about airlines, airfares, hotels, miles, points and upgrades. He specializes in traveling well on a budget, flying in coach as infrequently as possible, and keeping updated on the most current and effective strategies to get the most travel out of every dollar.

Ryan’s travel expertise has been noted by the New York Times, Washington Post, and many other prominent publications. When he’s not traveling, teaching, or trying out the newest business class, he’s based in Portland, Oregon.