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First class all the way! How can you fly in style without dishing out the dough?

There are many creative ways to upgrade your flying experience without paying the first class rate. Leave the peanuts for the pigeons! Ryan will teach you the tricks of the trade that will land you in a plush, spacious first class seat complete with pre-departure drinks and gourmet meals.

Get the inside scoop on:

  • Advance upgrades for frequent flyers
  • The best use of Mileage upgrades
  • The Holy Grail of frequent flyers

We’ve all been there… sitting in a cramped seat in economy or coach, feeling like a head of cattle or a sardine (heck, it’d probably be more comfortable being a sardine trapped in that tiny can).

You shouldn’t ever fly in economy. Period.

Ryan’s vast experience in the air has provided him with the knowledge & know-how to always upgrade his seat, and today you have an opportunity to learn as well.

Ryan never flies in economy, and neither should you.

If we told you that you could upgrade to first class for free, would you do it? Of course. Now is the time to learn how to get a free seat upgrade, and this is the product that will put that knowledge in your hands.

By navigating each airline’s rules and knowing how to take advantage of loyalty & points programs, you’ll never fly in economy again.

Whether you fly a couple times a year with your family, or you fly weekly for business, this product is a must-have. And like all of our products, we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

In this direct-download video and accompanying PDF workbook, you’ll learn exactly:

  • All of your upgrade options
  • How to leverage loyalty programs into free upgrades
  • How to use your miles for upgrades
  • The rules & strategies to maximixe your upgrade chances

In Ryan’s 1.4 million miles of flying (and counting!), he’s learned everything about upgrades.

His in-person seminar retails for $1,400. And today, he’s offering you a giant piece of that seminar for the ridiculously low price of $35.

Get started right now! Never fly in economy again.

Become an official Frequent Flyer Academy graduate and enjoy all the benefits of flying like a pro! Sign up for the complete program and see the world, first class.

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