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Learn how to earn your next ticket for free without even stepping foot on an airplane!

Gain instant access to the most lucrative insider tips on how to earn your well deserved elite status, rack up ridiculous amounts of miles without leaving the ground and earn free first class plane tickets anywhere you want to go.

You see offers all the time from credit card companies & airlines… offers of free miles & bonus miles. Each airline offers some kind of ‘frequent flyer program’. Hotels, restaurants, and even vacation companies are chiming in! But what does that even mean? It’s all so complex! … Until now.

The truth is, they keep you confused so you won’t know how to take advantage. Just like Vegas, the odds are in the House’s favor.

Ryan is here, today, to swing the odds in your favor.

Do you want to take that family vacation to Disneyland, but are having trouble budgeting for tickets? Ryan will show you how to fly there. For free.

Or maybe you’re planning a trip around the world and want to save as much money as possible. Ryan can show you how to do it. For free. In First Class.

See, Ryan’s flown around the planet several times, racking up over 1.4 MILLION MILES in the air (and counting!). He knows all the secrets the airlines don’t want to share with you.

He’s flown around the world, in first class, paying nothing out of pocket. He’s stayed at some of the world’s nicest hotels for pennies on the dollar.

Ryan teaches you the secrets to earning miles (we call it ‘eating, breathing, and sleeping’ miles), and then how to redeem those miles for upgrades & airfare! Never fly in coach again.

If Harvard gave out degrees in frequent flyer programs, Ryan would be a PhD with honors.

He is the world’s #1 expert on earning & saving airline miles, and he’s here today to share his knowledge with you.

In an easy-to-follow format, with step-by-step instructions, Ryan teaches you:

  • How to maximize miles earned from flying
  • How to earn miles every day, while  shopping, eating out, and staying in hotels!
  • The best (and worst) ways to spend your miles
  • How to find upgrades

When Ryan says he can help you fly for free, he’s not kidding. Ryan has flown in first or business class on these airlines by using miles:

Air Canada
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Asiana Airlines
Austrian Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Delta Airlines
Lan Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Swiss Airlines
Thai Airways
United Airlines
US Airways
Virgin America

When you buy “Fly for Free” today, you’re going to get two direct-download videos absolutely loaded with Ryan’s knowledge & step-by-step plan to earn & spend miles.

You’re also going to get a quick, easy to read set of PDF workbooks, nearly 40 pages long, that is jam-packed with insider knowledge.

Ryan normally teaches his ‘insider secrets’ seminar for $2,500!

Today, you get a giant piece of that seminar for the stupid-low price of $35.

Buy it today, and you’ll thank us tomorrow!

See the world in style! Your journey can start today.

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