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American’s AAdvantage program has been offering some generous ways to earn miles this summer and fall, if you know where to look. Following are two opportunities for you to ramp up your mileage earning.

Renting cars with Hertz

AAdvantage has offered several bonus promotions with rental car companies this year, and this deal with Hertz is the latest. Though the end of the year, you can save up to 35% with a discount code, and earn four or six times the usual miles (based on how long you rent the vehicle). Use the CDP and PC numbers in the picture below when you book.


Buying frequent flyer miles (sometimes)

This one should raise an alarm for regular readers of this blog, but it’s an exception to the “don’t buy miles” rule. Airlines usually offer to sell miles directly to consumers, albeit at inflated rates. With this promotion, you can receive discounts or bonuses on the miles you buy, reducing the cost-per-mile.

The key metric for earning miles is always cost or value-per-mile, and two cents each is generally considered to be a good deal for earning or buying miles. This promotion has appeared a handful of times this year, and I expect it will again – so before you buy American miles, be sure to wait until one of these promotions is active. Here’s an example of a recent promotion that ended on September 3rd:

Buy Miles

The better values in these promotions are earned by buying large amount of miles. Normally buying 90,000 miles costs $2,655, a cost of nearly three cents per mile. With the 35% discount, this is reduced to $1,725.75, or 1.9 cents per mile, a much better rate.

As always, keep your eyes open for promotions like this to maximize your frequent flyer mile earnings and value.

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