How to supercharge car rental mileage earnings

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You’ve probably earned miles from renting a car before, though probably not very many. The rental industry’s standard is to give travelers 50 miles per day for rentals – not exactly enough to get you to Europe in business class. But there is a very simple way to supercharge your earnings from car rentals; right now I’m earning 1,750 miles per rental instead of 200-250.

The trick is taking advantage of sometimes obscure promotions from your frequent flyer program. You can usually find these if you dig deep enough on the airline’s website, but a better way to is make you’re subscribed to your program’s email feed for mileage earning promotions. Once you do, you’ll receive offers like this:


Earning extra miles is more important than ever, since the Big Three U.S. airlines have all reduced how many miles we earn from flights while increasing the cost of awards. Earning enough to get that business class seat to Europe is going to take even more hard work than ever – and will probably require several different ways of earning miles to get a balance high enough for your dream trip.

Next time you rent a car, make sure you’re earning more than a paltry 50 miles per day.

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