Frequent Flyer Academy is back!

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And we’re back!

The last six months have been full of adventure, fun and lots of hard work on new and exciting initiatives for the Frequent Flyer Academy, including our Travel Bootcamp intensive training courses. While we didn’t specifically plan a hiatus, ongoing changes in the frequent flyer game made it a perfect time to step back and watch some major changes be announced and implemented. We have a strong sense of where the industry is headed, and will continue to provide the best strategic advice about how to maximize your loyalty rewards.

In the short-term we’ll be focusing on making sure you’re up to speed with the big changes that are coming, including at American Airlines this summer. Longer term we’ll be launching new educational products and providing webinars to keep you current about the industry.

We look forward to reconnecting and helping you continue to get the most out of your travel rewards!

-Ryan and team


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