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Delta offered a wonderful, if unintentional, end of year gift to travelers: fares as low as $6.90, including some to Hawaii for that price.  Even better news for those who booked the mistake fares?  Delta will honor them.

This is the second time this year that a large airline has had a widespread mistake like this.  In September United Airlines also had a computer glitch resulting in $0 airfares (travelers paid taxes only) across the entire United States.

Be aware that some customers have reported difficulties for these tickets if booked through a third-party vendor, such as Hotwire or Priceline.  If you booked through an agent, use the airline confirmation code to pull up the reservation on the Delta’s website.  If it appears, give Delta a call to make sure everything is okay with the reservation.  Because the airline has already said it will honor the tickets, there’s no harm in calling them to confirm.

Mistake fares like this happen much more often that people realize, although many are not even discovered, much less widespread or publicized.  Stay alert, use tools such as Airfarewatchdog and Farecompare, and remember that if you find one, book it immediately – and before you start spreading the word on social media.

Did you get lucky and grab one of these mistake fare tickets?  If so, let us know what deal you got in the comments below.


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