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Beware of rental car taxes and fees

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Beware of rental car taxes and fees - Featured Image

Have you ever rented a car, only to find out at the end of the booking process that the price you saw early on has jumped?  Unfortunately, this is the reality travelers face when renting vehicles, especially from airport rental locations.  Governments and airports have their hands firmly in the pocket of rental customers, a trend which has been driving car rental prices up in recent years. (more…)

What to do during travel delays

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What to do during travel delays - Featured Image

Airlines are particularly prone to delays, from weather events to mechanical problems. Here’s a recent personal experience that will help you avoid sleeping on a dirty airport floor.

My flight was late, and getting later by the minute.  Every time I checked my iPad, my Toronto to Chicago departure showed additional delays.  Its arrival in Chicago had now pushed past the departure of my connection, meaning that I wouldn’t be getting home to the west coast that night. (more…)