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5 tips for smooth holiday travel

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5 tips for smooth holiday travel - Featured Image

Holiday travel is upon us. Flying near the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays is the travel equivalent of shopping on Black Friday. And with big winter storms affecting large parts of the United States this week, disruptions are inevitable.

Airlines refer to these travel disruptions as irregular operations. As unpleasant as this can be, there are some proven strategies that will help you manage delayed and cancelled fights, reroutings and other problems. (more…)

6 reasons to avoid Cairo

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6 reasons to avoid Cairo - Featured Image

A friend once asked me what my least favorite city was. The answer was easy: chaotic Cairo. But I wanted to give it another chance, as I first visited when I was a very young, naive traveler. Now, with nearly 70 countries under my belt, I wanted to go back and give it another chance. The verdict: first impressions are often spot on. (more…)

What’s the difference between business and first class?

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Airlines don’t go out of their way to make things clear, and the confusion surrounding how they name their cabins is a prime example of this. Why are some international flights only economy and business? Why do two-cabin domestic flights have a first class? (more…)

Photo Blog: Dubai

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Dubai’s size and scale inspire the worst of the travel cliches.

“A land of contrasts.”

“Larger than life.”

“The Las Vegas of the Middle East.”

In reality Dubai is simultaneously all and none of these things. (more…)