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How to supercharge car rental mileage earnings

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You’ve probably earned miles from renting a car before, though probably not very many. The rental industry’s standard is to give travelers 50 miles per day for rentals – not exactly enough to get you to Europe in business class. But there is a very simple way to supercharge your earnings from car rentals; right now I’m earning 1,750 miles per rental instead of 200-250. (more…)

Frequent Flyer Academy is back!

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Frequent Flyer Academy is back! - Featured Image

And we’re back!

The last six months have been full of adventure, fun and lots of hard work on new and exciting initiatives for the Frequent Flyer Academy, including our Travel Bootcamp intensive training courses. (more…)

New American Airlines promotions

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American’s AAdvantage program has been offering some generous ways to earn miles this summer and fall, if you know where to look. Following are two opportunities for you to ramp up your mileage earning. (more…)

Silvercar: The new kid on the rental car block

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Silvercar: The new kid on the rental car block - Featured Image

Technology has made it easier than ever for young startups to disrupt the business models of older companies.  On balance this is a good thing – disruption introduces new competitors and forces older companies to adapt and innovate.  And I can’t think of a part of the travel industry that has been more in need of disruption than car rentals. (more…)