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Delta to begin awarding miles based on ticket price

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Delta to begin awarding miles based on ticket price - Featured Image

Earthquakes are getting more common in the frequent flyer world.  As recently as a few years ago, all we had to worry about were occasional benefit changes and small increases to the amount of miles needed to redeem for tickets.

And to think we used to complain back then!

Today Delta Air Lines has initiated a shift that many insiders long thought was coming. (more…)

Emirates now a Virgin America partner

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As a points-based frequent flyer program, Virgin America’s Elevate doesn’t usually provide the best value, especially when compared to the legacy airline programs which are based on miles instead of points.  However, the San Francisco-based airline has been slowly building up its partner roster, and recently announced that Emirates will now join that growing list.  Members will be able to both earn and redeem points on Emirates flights. (more…)

Are frequent flyer miles actually valuable?

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Are frequent flyer miles actually valuable? - Featured Image

A shocking number of people don’t bother to collect frequent flyer miles on any given flight.  While hard statistics are difficult to come by, anecdotal evidence suggests that your seatmate may very well not have bothered to sign up for any frequent flyer program.  This will be even more surprising to regular readers of this blog, who well understand the value of miles and the best ways to redeem them. (more…)

Virgin America Elevate points earning promotion

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This could be the first shot in a series of fall frequent flyer promotions.  Let’s hope!

Virgin America’s Elevate program has announced a bonus point promotion from now until year-end, including double points for some bookings and an additional bonus of up to 25,000 points. (more…)