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Airport lounges: How do you get in?

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Airport lounges: How do you get in? - Featured Image

When you’re walking through the airport, do you ever see people disappear behind frosted glass doors?  Do you wonder what luxury and glamour lies behind those doors, and how to get inside?  You’re not alone – airport lounges are both a valuable travel asset and also widely misunderstood.

The truth is that airport lounges vary widely. (more…)

Frequent flyer miles and unforgettable experiences

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The theme of this week has been illustrating the value of miles and points.  Earlier in the week we heard from three avid travelers who have begun to make the most of their miles.  Now – from the Academy archives – one of my own stories about how I spent $1,100 on magazines and flew on the supersonic Concorde.  Those of us who found and maximized this deal were “travel hackers” before the term existed.  Like Pudding Guy and the people who earned miles by buying coins from the U.S. mint, we made the miles and points system work to our advantage. (more…)

Are frequent flyer miles actually valuable?

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Are frequent flyer miles actually valuable? - Featured Image

A shocking number of people don’t bother to collect frequent flyer miles on any given flight.  While hard statistics are difficult to come by, anecdotal evidence suggests that your seatmate may very well not have bothered to sign up for any frequent flyer program.  This will be even more surprising to regular readers of this blog, who well understand the value of miles and the best ways to redeem them. (more…)

Anatomy of a Mileage Run

Anatomy of a Mileage Run - Featured Image

“So… you book a ticket and fly… just for the miles?”

It was clear she didn’t understand what I was doing. After all, who would fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore, spend six hours in the Singapore airport, then fly right back to LA?

Who would do that? This guy. And I’ll tell you why, and show you why you may do it one day, too. (more…)