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Are frequent flyer miles actually valuable?

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Are frequent flyer miles actually valuable? - Featured Image

A shocking number of people don’t bother to collect frequent flyer miles on any given flight.  While hard statistics are difficult to come by, anecdotal evidence suggests that your seatmate may very well not have bothered to sign up for any frequent flyer program.  This will be even more surprising to regular readers of this blog, who well understand the value of miles and the best ways to redeem them. (more…)

Anatomy of a Mileage Run

Anatomy of a Mileage Run - Featured Image

“So… you book a ticket and fly… just for the miles?”

It was clear she didn’t understand what I was doing. After all, who would fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore, spend six hours in the Singapore airport, then fly right back to LA?

Who would do that? This guy. And I’ll tell you why, and show you why you may do it one day, too. (more…)

Airline alliances, partners and mileage earning

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One of the best things to happen to frequent flyers was the establishment of the three global airline alliances: Oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance.  These alliances are where airlines come together as partners, coordinating routes, flight times and other aspects of travel that make it a more seamless experience when you’re traveling on multiple airlines.  You have a single ticket, your bags are checked all the way through, and – best of all – you can both earn and redeem miles on any of your main airline’s partners. (more…)

Should you always collect frequent flyer miles?

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Should you always collect frequent flyer miles? - Featured Image

A big part of my job is advising clients about travel, and then booking it for them.  My clients usually follow my advice about frequent flyer programs, the cornerstone of which is to pick one airline and alliance and stick with it for most travel.  This strategy helps to build a larger mileage balance, earn and maintain elite status, and upgrade frequently. (more…)