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6 reasons to avoid Cairo

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6 reasons to avoid Cairo - Featured Image

A friend once asked me what my least favorite city was. The answer was easy: chaotic Cairo. But I wanted to give it another chance, as I first visited when I was a very young, naive traveler. Now, with nearly 70 countries under my belt, I wanted to go back and give it another chance. The verdict: first impressions are often spot on. (more…)

7 things to do in Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town is Africa like you’ve probably never imagined it.  With the legacy of apartheid fading into history, the city is a vibrant, diverse, perfectly situated harbor city that evokes Sydney more than Dar es Salaam.

Cape Town is moderately expensive, but the dollar-to-rand conversion means that you can live well and enjoy the city on a budget. (more…)