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United radically devalues its frequent flyer miles

United radically devalues its frequent flyer miles - Featured Image

Yesterday I wrote about the double miles promotion offered by United Airlines this fall.  That was the carrot.  We have now been hit with the stick.

Effective February 1, the miles needed to book award tickets are going up.  This is standard if unpleasant practice every few years among frequent flyer programs, and it’s called “award inflation.”  Typically airlines raise award levels for international tickets 5,000 – 20,000 miles, elite frequent flyers grumble about it for a while, and everyone moves on.

But this time United dropped a surprise nuclear bomb on us. (more…)

Airport lounges: How do you get in?

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Airport lounges: How do you get in? - Featured Image

When you’re walking through the airport, do you ever see people disappear behind frosted glass doors?  Do you wonder what luxury and glamour lies behind those doors, and how to get inside?  You’re not alone – airport lounges are both a valuable travel asset and also widely misunderstood.

The truth is that airport lounges vary widely. (more…)

Singapore Airlines will spend $150 million improving its cabins

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Singapore Airlines is widely regarded as one of the world’s best.  Along with a few other forward thinking airlines, Singapore has led the way to spacious, flat-bed seats in business class, and private suites in first.  Even their economy cabin has personal entertainment options at every seat. (more…)

Anatomy of a Mileage Run

Anatomy of a Mileage Run - Featured Image

“So… you book a ticket and fly… just for the miles?”

It was clear she didn’t understand what I was doing. After all, who would fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore, spend six hours in the Singapore airport, then fly right back to LA?

Who would do that? This guy. And I’ll tell you why, and show you why you may do it one day, too. (more…)