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Etihad announces a new airline alliance (sort of)

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Do we finally have a fourth global airline alliance? Only in an embryonic state. This will take a little background and explanation to make sense.

Over the last 15-20 years, many of the world’s major airlines have partnered into three global airline alliances: Oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance. (more…)

An open letter to American Airlines

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Dear American Airlines:

You were the first airline to introduce a frequent flyer program, in 1981.  As the innovator in this area, customer loyalty is something you understand better than most other airlines.  Your program has been (and remains) among the best available in terms of rewarding loyal frequent flyers for their business.  Personally I miss having Executive Platinum status – no other airline has made me feel as valued and appreciated as AA. (more…)

Frequent flyer alliances: What do they mean for you?

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I’ve encountered a lot of confusion recently about frequent flyer program partnerships and alliances, specifically how these benefit travelers, and how they don’t.  Let’s take a moment and clear a few key issues up for quick and easy reference. (more…)

US Airways moves from Star Alliance to Oneworld on March 31

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US Airways moves from Star Alliance to Oneworld on March 31 - Featured Image

As part of its merger with American Airlines, US Airways will be moving from Star Alliance to Oneworld.  Sunday, March 30 will be the last day US Airways will participate in Star Alliance.  Here are the real world impacts for you. (more…)