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Understanding codeshare flights


Have you ever booked a flight with an airline, only to find out later that the flight was operated by a different airline?  This is called a codeshare, where one airline puts its airline code and flight number on a flight operated by another airline. (more…)

Airfare rules: An airline’s fine print

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When you purchase an airline ticket, the transaction creates a contract between you and the airline.  The airline agrees to transport you, and you agree to pay for that transportation, and also agree to things like security checks and baggage limits.  Part of this contract between a passenger and an airline is the specific rules set forth in the fare purchased.  Inexpensive (or “discount”) fares typically have lots of rules.  They’re usually not refundable, have hefty fees for making changes to the ticket, and may earn limited or no frequent flyer miles.  Expensive (or “full”) fares don’t have these restrictions.  You’re paying extra money for the flexibility that comes with these more expensive tickets. (more…)

Should you always collect frequent flyer miles?

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Should you always collect frequent flyer miles? - Featured Image

A big part of my job is advising clients about travel, and then booking it for them.  My clients usually follow my advice about frequent flyer programs, the cornerstone of which is to pick one airline and alliance and stick with it for most travel.  This strategy helps to build a larger mileage balance, earn and maintain elite status, and upgrade frequently. (more…)

How to choose a travel rewards credit card

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How to choose a travel rewards credit card - Featured Image

There has been an explosion in ways to earn airline, hotel and other rewards points in the last 10-15 years.  Airlines have partnered with banks to issue credit cards that earn frequent flyer miles, hotels have done the same for their own point programs, and some banks have even begun to offer their own distinctive rewards programs.

But there’s one very important piece of information you need to know about rewards credit cards: They are not all created equally. (more…)