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JetBlue adding fees and cutting legroom

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JetBlue adding fees and cutting legroom - Featured Image

Sometimes industry pressure and trends are too strong for any single airline to stand up to. This is certainly the case with “unbundling.” Unbundling is the idea that airline customers shouldn’t pay for services they don’t need. A decade and more ago, the cost of an airline ticket included the transport, a seat assignment, a meal, etc. (more…)

How to use (and not use) one-way airfares

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Have you ever tried to book a one-way airfare? Depending on which market you’re looking to travel in, your results likely have been mixed. (more…)

How to fly standby

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It’s Murphy’s Law of Travel: the one time you arrive early for a flight, you end up checked in and through security in less than ten minutes, leaving you hours to sit around the airport. You check your flight’s status on the departure board, and notice that there’s an earlier flight to your destination leaving in 45 minutes. Excitedly, you open up Expert Flyer to see if there are any seats available, and there are! You make a run for the earlier flight’s gate, walk up and ask the agent if she can get you on the earlier departure.


American Airlines ending mileage earning on JetBlue

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American Airlines ending mileage earning on JetBlue - Featured Image

For the last few years American Airlines has enjoyed a limited partnership with competitor JetBlue, allowing AAdvantage members to earn frequent flyer miles on certain JetBlue flights to and from New York and Boston.  With the merger-in-progress between American and US Airways, this partnership will end effective April 1st. (more…)