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What’s the difference between business and first class?

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Airlines don’t go out of their way to make things clear, and the confusion surrounding how they name their cabins is a prime example of this. Why are some international flights only economy and business? Why do two-cabin domestic flights have a first class? (more…)

How to fly standby

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It’s Murphy’s Law of Travel: the one time you arrive early for a flight, you end up checked in and through security in less than ten minutes, leaving you hours to sit around the airport. You check your flight’s status on the departure board, and notice that there’s an earlier flight to your destination leaving in 45 minutes. Excitedly, you open up Expert Flyer to see if there are any seats available, and there are! You make a run for the earlier flight’s gate, walk up and ask the agent if she can get you on the earlier departure.


How far in advance should you book airfare?

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How far in advance should you book airfare? - Featured Image

As a travel consultant, one of the most common questions I’m asked is when to buy airfare.  Is there a specific day of the week that’s best?  How far in advance should you buy?  Until now, I’ve had to rely on my years of booking experience and anecdotal evidence to answer this question.  For the last several years I’ve been advising clients that about 60 days prior to departure was the optimal window to book.  Turns out I was off by six days. (more…)

Changing a roundtrip ticket to a one-way

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Understanding the complicated rules of airfares is one of the most frustrating aspects of travel.  Airlines – especially the old “legacy” carriers such as American, Delta, United and US Airways – have products that are so complicated it nearly takes a PhD to understand them. (more…)