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Delta Airlines end of year mistake fare

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Delta Airlines end of year mistake fare - Featured Image

Delta offered a wonderful, if unintentional, end of year gift to travelers: fares as low as $6.90, including some to Hawaii for that price.  Even better news for those who booked the mistake fares?  Delta will honor them.

This is the second time this year that a large airline has had a widespread mistake like this. (more…)

Frequent flyer miles and unforgettable experiences

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The theme of this week has been illustrating the value of miles and points.  Earlier in the week we heard from three avid travelers who have begun to make the most of their miles.  Now – from the Academy archives – one of my own stories about how I spent $1,100 on magazines and flew on the supersonic Concorde.  Those of us who found and maximized this deal were “travel hackers” before the term existed.  Like Pudding Guy and the people who earned miles by buying coins from the U.S. mint, we made the miles and points system work to our advantage. (more…)

The ethics of mistake fares

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The ethics of mistake fares - Featured Image

Late last week, quick acting United flyers could be forgiven for thinking they were in Las Vegas and had hit a major jackpot.  And they had: An error in United’s reservation system led to domestic fares pricing at $0, with the system charging only the taxes on tickets (between $5 and $10).

This happens more often than you might think.   (more…)