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Qatar Airways business class [review]

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Qatar Airways business class seat [1]

Have you heard about the rise of the Big Three Middle Eastern carriers? They are setting records for growth, aircraft orders and product quality – and with good reason. Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways are three of the best airlines in the world, and have created one of the world’s most important transit hubs from scratch in a little more than a decade. (more…)

How to book one-way airfare and not pay a fortune

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How to book one-way airfare and not pay a fortune - Featured Image

Airfares don’t always make sense.  From endless fare classes to Saturday night stay requirements, airlines have one of most the most opaquely priced products out there.  This lack of pricing simplicity and transparency leads to misunderstanding of how airfares work, and how consumers can get what they need without paying a fortune. (more…)

Airport lounges: How do you get in?

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Airport lounges: How do you get in? - Featured Image

When you’re walking through the airport, do you ever see people disappear behind frosted glass doors?  Do you wonder what luxury and glamour lies behind those doors, and how to get inside?  You’re not alone – airport lounges are both a valuable travel asset and also widely misunderstood.

The truth is that airport lounges vary widely. (more…)

Discounted business class airfares

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I love combining the words “discounted” and “airfares” in the same sentence.  I’ve taken many unplanned trips because I found a killer airfare, whether Rome for $500 or Singapore for $450.  With fares that low, you’re already getting a great value, and an upgrade is icing on the cake.  But great airfare deals aren’t restricted to the economy cabin.  Sometimes airlines will offer business class fares that are too good to pass up. (more…)