Photo Blog: Dubai

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Dubai’s size and scale inspire the worst of the travel cliches.

“A land of contrasts.”

“Larger than life.”

“The Las Vegas of the Middle East.”

In reality Dubai is simultaneously all and none of these things. (more…)

Should you use a mileage credit card to pay taxes?

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It’s that dreaded time of the year – tax season. Hopefully you don’t owe anything to the government come April 15, but if you do, is there a way to pay Uncle Sam and also earn benefits for yourself at the same time?  There is, and I’m going to show you the math behind how paying your taxes with a rewards credit card can work to your benefit. (more…)

US Airways moves from Star Alliance to Oneworld on March 31

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As part of its merger with American Airlines, US Airways will be moving from Star Alliance to Oneworld.  Sunday, March 30 will be the last day US Airways will participate in Star Alliance.  Here are the real world impacts for you. (more…)

Changes to Alaska-Delta partnership coming soon

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Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines are downshifting their partnership.

In terms of the medium and large frequent flyer programs, Alaska Airlines has one of the best ones out there.  It’s been a refuge for mileage junkies like me who have watched in dismay this year as United and Delta announced radical changes to their programs, greatly devaluing each in turn. (more…)