The Cathay Pacific First Class experience

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You know me – I’m all about getting the most value possible when redeeming frequent flyer miles. And when I say “value” I mean both the key metric, cents per mile, but also having an amazing travel experience. One of the most important aspects of frequent flyer miles is that they enable average travelers to have extraordinary experiences, ones they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. How many of us can pay $10,000 or more for an international first class ticket? (more…)

Opinion: Adapting to aviation security threats

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Opinion: Adapting to aviation security threats - Featured Image

Over the last few days news has been emerging about a new security threat to aviation. It started with anonymous security sources in the United Kingdom, who claimed that terrorists had crafted bombs into modern electronics that could not be detected by conventional airport security screening.

Now the discussion has spread to the United States. National Public Radio has reported that American counter-terrorism officials were recently discussing the threat and how to respond to it. (more…)

Get out of line at the airport

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Get out of line at the airport - Featured Image

We’ve all been there, especially during holiday travel: very long – seemingly endless, in fact – lines for checking in, checking your bag and clearing security. I have personally witnessed lines out the door and beyond the terminal in several U.S. airports.

There are a couple reasons for this. (more…)

5 tips for smooth holiday travel

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5 tips for smooth holiday travel - Featured Image

Holiday travel is upon us. Flying near the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays is the travel equivalent of shopping on Black Friday. And with big winter storms affecting large parts of the United States this week, disruptions are inevitable.

Airlines refer to these travel disruptions as irregular operations. As unpleasant as this can be, there are some proven strategies that will help you manage delayed and cancelled fights, reroutings and other problems. (more…)